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Have a Sauna

Have a Sauna

Enjoy the steam in our sauna facilities.

The benches of Salo IoT Campus's sauna facilities have witnessed the turning points of Finnish technology history. Our stylish and comfortable sauna facilities are open for your team’s sauna evening, for example.

The campus has two rentable sauna facilities suitable for different types of events. Both sauna facilities are also suitable for meetings, so organizing a team day on campus is easy, with everything you need available under one roof.

The Kuutio sauna and meeting facilities offer stylish and impressive settings for a team day, for example. The meeting table in Kuutio seats 12-14 people, and the same room also has sofa groups for more relaxed meetings or social gatherings. The facility has two saunas, each with separate washing areas. Rumor has it that significant decisions were made on the benches of this legendary sauna by prestigious leaders. For sauna use, Kuutio can accommodate about 20-30 people.

Kiila's Sauna also provides settings for meetings and relaxed gatherings. The meeting table seats 8 people, and the overall space is suitable for events of 15-20 people. Kiila's Sauna also has two saunas, each with separate washing areas. Kiila's sauna facilities are especially well-suited for evening and weekend use, as the space has its own separate entrance from Kiila's courtyard.

Catering for the Kuutio Sauna can be provided by Restaurant Factory according to your wishes, while Kiila's Sauna allows you to bring your own catering if desired. Both sauna facilities allow you to bring your own alcoholic beverages.

Would you like to visit our sauna facilities before making a reservation? You can arrange a viewing time with the reception service at