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A Network of Experts

Salo IoT Campus is a community formed by IoT trailblazers and leading business service providers.

Salo IoT Campus’ community is active and close-knit. Here, companies, researchers and educational institutions work together on a daily basis. Our events, seminars and workshops bring you the latest on the field of IoT, conveniently under the same roof.

Alongside the builders of future technologies, the campus hosts an array of leading service businesses. A diverse community of experts supports your company’s growth and ensures that workplace routines run smoothly.

On campus, the people do not only meet in hallways and coworking spaces. The campus community’s free time activity groups, our 24/7 gym, and regular informal social events allow you to get to know your colleagues off the clock.

The Salo IoT Campus provided us with ready-made infrastructure which has also enabled a quantum leap in our production. Our “fighting spirit” rose to a whole new level.

- Harry Lilja, Powerfinn Oy

In addition to customers in the Salo region, we are also able to serve customers from all over Southwest Finland from the campus. Working here makes it easier for us to contact nearby customers and it is easier for businesses to contact us also.

- Juha Lempinen, Patenttitoimisto Leitzinger Oy

The infrastructure at Siilo helps me stay in immediate contact with the team in Helsinki and gives me fast access to all our resources on the network. And with Helsinki just a short drive away, I can visit headquarters every week if I wish.

- Zsombor Egri, Rightware Oy

The Campus team has put a lot of effort into bringing people and companies together. They have managed to build an international working and learning community that keeps improving each day.

- Chunyan Mei-Kuusinen, Cencorp Automation Oy

The best thing about working on Salo IoT Campus is the ease of living. You get to enjoy light commutes, great services, nature and security – and still go to work in a technology hub every day.

- Juha Borenius, Thinger Solutions Oy

Campus Members


Meet the community

Rightware’s Remote Work Veteran

Rightware’s Remote Work Veteran

Zsombor Egri works on Kanzi design software for Rightware, the leading provider of automotive user interface software. Though Rightware has its head office in Helsinki – and offices around the world from Tampere to Tokyo – Mr. Egri has chosen to work remotely from his...
Talent Brought Cencorp to Salo

Talent Brought Cencorp to Salo

Cencorp Automation Oy is a global provider of production automation solutions with a long history in the field. Founded in the U.S. in 1978, the company arrived in Finland in the late 1990’s. When Chinese investors acquired the company’s automation business in 2014, Cencorp’s headquarters...
Thinger Solutions Brings Things to Life

Thinger Solutions Brings Things to Life

The video projectors on Salo IoT Campus are managed with the help of IoT technology. This everyday convenience is made possible by one of the campus community’s first members, Thinger Solutions. The Salo-born start-up is developing a smart technology for device life cycle management.