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LINK Design designs production model from an electric motorcycle prototype for RMK — know-how featured at the Salo IoT Campus


LINK Design & Development Oy, operated from Salo IoT Campus, showcases its work samples and the prototype of its latest project in the campus showroom.

“Our company just turned 10 years old and we wanted to present our work samples from our years of operation. Our latest project is also on display in the exhibition space,” says Jaakko Anttila, CEO of LINK Design.

The company's latest work samples relate to a project aimed at commercializing electric motorcycles. “The Finnish start-up company RMK has chosen us for their partner and the goal is to design a model from the prototype suitable for mass production,” Anttila explains. He also emphasizes how the productization project has increased the importance of Salo in LINK Design's operations: “This new, big project will be run from Salo under the leadership of Onni-Matti Halkola.”

The design agency, headquarterd in Otaniemi, Espoo, currently employs 50 field experts. The company, that specializes in product and service design, initially opened its Salo office to meet the needs of its Salo employees. “We have a good number of able minds from the Salo area. We wanted to offer these former Nokia employees an office and work community in the area, so that they would not have to unnecessarily commute all the way to Espoo,” Anttila recaps the inception of the Salo office.

According to the CEO, the space found on the campus has proven to be a good office and the intention is to grow the site as a base for the entire region of Southwest Finland. “Initially, we needed a decent office space for our employees. Now, in addition, we want to offer our services locally to companies in Southwest Finland,” Anttila elucidates on what’s to come.

The latest project of the experienced design agency with RMK is big and Salo's role in the project is quite significant. “We obviously want to also highlight our latest project in the exhibition space,” says CEO Anttila, describing the company's ten-year operation to its current state. 


LINK Design & Development Oy
Team leader Onni-Matti Halkola
+358 40 663 4664


Salo IoT Campus
CEO Jukka Vakula
+358 40 761 7287


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Salo IoT Campus's main lobby can be rented as a showroom where innovations can be featured in an impressive manner. The main lobby acts as a central meeting point for the innovative community and due to its convenient location, it is specifically a spectacular space for presenting work samples, to a technology-appreciating audience.

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