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Rightware’s Remote Work Veteran

Zsombor Egri works on Kanzi design software for Rightware, the leading provider of automotive user interface software. Though Rightware has its head office in Helsinki – and offices around the world from Tampere to Tokyo – Mr. Egri has chosen to work remotely from his own desk at the Siilo coworking space in Salo IoT Campus.

“The people at Rightware are so much fun to work with, and the company’s cutting-edge technology is very interesting. The infrastructure at Siilo helps me stay in immediate contact with the team in Helsinki and gives me fast access to all our resources on the network. And with Helsinki just a short drive away, I can visit headquarters every week if I wish.”

“My family keeps me in Salo, but at the same time, working from home is not always an option. Siilo is a great alternative because it’s easier to concentrate here and nice to have co-workers around.”

The solution is far from new to Mr. Egri, who also ran a successful consulting business and worked with international projects and clients from a desk in Salo for several years. A remote work veteran, Mr. Egri recommends coworking spaces for everyone in a similar situation, such as freelancers.

“When you have the Internet, you’re never alone, but it’s still great to work surrounded by people, to have a chat or go to lunch. I do hope even more people take advantage of Siilo and that the community keeps growing.”

Hungarian by origin, Mr. Egri has been a part of Salo’s technology business scene for nearly two decades. “There is tremendous potential here in Salo. The number of innovative companies and talented people we have is in a league of its own. If the current trend continues, I think there will be a good crowd here in the future.

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