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Thinger Solutions Brings Things to Life

The video projectors on Salo IoT Campus are managed with the help of IoT technology. This everyday convenience is made possible by one of the campus community’s first members, Thinger Solutions. The Salo-born start-up is developing a smart technology for device life cycle management.

Thinger’s innovation gives objects life by bringing financial records, maintenance processes and real time sensor data under one user interface. This means that purchasing devices is effortless, maintenance documents and user manuals are always on hand, and reporting malfunctions and ordering maintenance services is a breeze. Resources are in smarter use, and costs are being saved.

Alongside building Thinger’s own product, the company’s professionals work on various commissioned development projects. The pace is fast, which means that the brainchild of two co-founders has grown to a company of more than a half-dozen software experts in just a couple of years.

In the field of software development, recruiting the best professionals can be quite the competitive sport. That is why Thinger invests in building an inspiring company culture. Learning is a key word at the office, and the company’s vision to grow is the backbone of all decision-making. The result: a team of professionals that is united by a motivation to challenge and develop their expertise and work with the latest technologies.

“The best thing about working on Salo IoT Campus is the ease of living. You get to enjoy light commutes, great services, nature and security – and still go to work in a technology hub every day,” says Thinger Solutions CEO Juha Borenius.




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